Business Representation

Business Representation,

Administrative and Regulatory Law, and

Workers’ Compensation Noncompliance Penalties

Serving The Needs Of North Carolina Businesses

At Dysart Willis, we serve the needs of North Carolina businesses, employers and entrepreneurs with a wide variety of issues. With a focus on the needs specific to small business owners, our attorneys represent various companies, non-profit organizations, and licensed professionals handling civil litigation, contract negotiation and enforcement, internal corporate governance, and regulatory and administrative law matters.

Our Business Law Practice

Dysart Willis attorneys are adept at handling everything from general outside counsel work to a la carte representation and special projects, including:

  • Administrative law
  • Cannabis law (Hemp and CBD)
  • Civil litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment law issues
  • Entity formation and dissolution
  • Gaming law including sweepstakes and skill-based gaming
  • Professional licensing board hearings
  • Tax advisement
  • Workers’ Compensation/Industrial Commission Noncompliance Penalties and Contempt Hearings

Our lawyers bring the knowledge and experience of a larger firm but with a more nimble practice can provide carefully tailored solutions to achieve our clients’ legal goals. Our intimate size ensures that our business law clients receive responsive service and competitive rates.

Cannabis Law (Hemp and CBD)

Following recent changes to federal and state law, the cultivation, processing, and sale of hemp and hemp derivatives including cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids are now legal in North Carolina and in many other states. As businesses seek to take advantage of this exciting new industry, they must navigate a complex series of federal and state statutes and agency regulations. It is crucial to have experienced legal counsel to stay informed of the evolving legal landscape in order to avoid costly civil penalties and criminal consequences. 

Gaming Law

The laws concerning electronic sweepstakes, skill-based contests, and video gaming machines can be confusing and consequences for violations are serious. Business that fail to comply with applicable statutes can be shut down by law enforcement and risk forfeiture of assets and property linked with illegal gambling activity. Dysart Willis represents businesses involved in all aspects of the electronic gaming industry to help ensure compliance with the law. Our attorneys are familiar with the ever changing interface formats and software modifications that can sometimes mean the difference in legitimate gaming and illegal gambling. Our work has included:

  • Defense of state and federal criminal charges for gaming violations
  • Issuing cease and desist warnings and demands to industry competitors engaged in illegal or impermissible conduct
  • Navigating banking regulations on behalf of gaming clients
  • Negotiation of non-prosecution agreements
  • Obtaining gaming licenses/certifications through applicable state agencies
  • Seeking the return of gaming property and assets seized by state agencies

Contact Our Attorneys

Reach out to our firm if you need assistance with an administrative hearing or other business law matters. Additionally, if you have questions about your business in the nuanced fields of hemp or electronic sweepstakes/skill-based gaming, give us a call to discuss how we can help. We focus on handling issues for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Call 919-747-8380 today.

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